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Recent Report on Australia Market for Colposcopes 2017

Australia Market Report for Colposcopes 2017 - MedCore is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. 
General Report Contents• Market Analyses include: Unit Sales, ASPs, Market Value & Growth Trends
• Market Drivers & Limiters for each chapter segment
• Competitive Analysis for each chapter segment
• Section on recent mergers & acquisitions
This is a very mature and stable market, consisting primarily of replacement sales. However, there are significant variations across the sophistication and price point of the colposcopes available. The decrease is partially attributable to the majority of sales being replacements; however, there is also a slight trend to invest in resectoscopes for laparoscopic surgery as an alternative to colposcopes. 
Unit sales are largely dependent on the population of a country, since the market is largely saturated. The colposcope market is bi-modal, with a strong segmentation visible between lower-end, less expensive systems and high-end systems with advanced documentation, optics and light source. The lower-end systems are affordable options for health care facilities that are less willing or unable to purchase a high-end system at an increased expense; they are also aimed at younger physicians that are building their new practices. The high-end colposcope systems tend to be sold to larger health facilities that require robust technology capabilities and can be equipped for ceiling mounts. 
The majority of unit sales in the Australian market are for high end devices with advanced optical capabilities. Differing from the European market, smaller manufacturers based in Asia offering low-end cost-effective options have a negligible presence in the Australian market. 
In Europe, there seems to be a rising interest in colposcopy, particularly with younger physicians because it has been shown that colposcopy is able to examine changes in tissue better than cytology. This trend is forecasted to influence the Australian market by 2020 leading to a potential increase and stabilization of colposcope sales. Moreover, there is a higher interest in exams for sexual assault cases, which has benefited sales of colposcopes with documentation systems.
Most medical facilities will slowly move towards more advanced systems over the forecast period. While the ASP’s are increasing throughout the forecast period, the price of individual colposcope products is decreasing slightly. The ASP growth is generated from the transition towards higher end colposcopes from less expensive lower-end systems.
Companies Mentioned
Cook Medical Cooper Surgical Vitrolife Boston Scientific Karl Storz Johnson & Johnson Olympus Irvine Scientific Coloplast Kitazato Life Global Richard Wolf Carl Zeiss Rocket Medical Stryker Esco Global Merck KGaA - Genea Biomedx Leica Vitromed Merit Medical Systems Medtronic Astec Bio BTG Hunter Scientific Others include: B-bridge International, Inc., FertiPro, Reproline Medical, Nidacon Medical, Pentax, Hologic, Medgyne, Promis Medical, Ecleris, etc.
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