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New Report Explores on US Hip Arthroscopy 2017

US Market Report for Hip Arthroscopy 2017 - MedCore is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. 
General Report Contents• Market Analyses include: Unit Sales, ASPs, Market Value & Growth Trends
• Market Drivers & Limiters for each chapter segment
• Competitive Analysis for each chapter segment
• Section on recent mergers & acquisitions
The two types of FAI are pincer type and cam type. In pincer type FAI, the acetabular cup overhangs the femoral head and can cause the labrum to get pinched and torn, which would require a labral repair procedure in addition to an FAI. The surgery involves shaving down the overhanging lip of the acetabulum, which is the FAI repair aspect of the procedure, followed by labral repair. In the cam type of FAI, a bony growth occurs on the femoral head as a result of genetics or trauma and may also cause tearing of the labrum. In these procedures, the bump is removed as part of FAI repair and, in cases where the labrum is torn, it will also be repaired with the use of suture anchors. Alternately, surgeons sometimes do not repair the labrum if they do not believe the tear is significant or they will debride it or remove it entirely. These cases are becoming less prominent as labral repair is receiving more positive clinical outcomes. 
Since the momentum for hip arthroscopy has been growing in the late 1980s, companies have been launching products tailored to meet the specific needs of this procedure. It is more technically challenging than most other arthroscopies as it is harder to gain access into this joint. Several standard arthroscopic instruments are specialized for use in the hip including radiofrequency (RF) probes, banana blades (which comprise a blade on a long shaft and are used for making an incision into the capsule or elevating the labrum from the acetabulum), suture anchors, disposable suture passers and disposable kits that include instrumentation for locating and accessing the hip joint. Banana blades are either included as part of the hip access kits or are sold separately. Cannulas for the hip are priced slightly higher; however, it is difficult to buy them individually for hip repair since they are most often packaged in disposable kits and are thus included as part of these kits in this chapter. The hip access instrumentation kits include instruments such as nitinol guide wires, banana blades, syringes and needles.
Companies Mentioned
Arthrex Smith & Nephew DePuy Mitek Zimmer Biomet Conmed Linvatec MTF RTI Biologics Stryker LifeNet Health JRF Verocel Wright Medical Parcus Medical Medtronic Allosource Tissue Regenix Synthasome Artelon Integra LifeSciences Others include: Tissue banks, Ceterix, LifeLink, MedShape, Osiris Therapeutics, Rotation Medical, Vivex, etc.
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