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New Research Explores on US Meniscal Repair 2017

US Market Report for Meniscal Repair 2017 - MedCore is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. 
General Report Contents• Market Analyses include: Unit Sales, ASPs, Market Value & Growth Trends
• Market Drivers & Limiters for each chapter segment
• Competitive Analysis for each chapter segment
• Section on recent mergers & acquisitions
Meniscal tears can happen from a sudden forceful impact or twisting of the knee, which frequently occurs in athletic injuries and can be repaired, depending on the location of the tear. Tears in the red zone of the meniscus, which is vascularized, are good candidates for repair because they bleed and healing is more likely to occur. Tears in the white zone of the meniscus are not as likely to heal since they do not receive any blood flow and often require a meniscectomy, which is complete or partial removal of the meniscus. There are also degenerative tears that can happen gradually over time, which are most common in older patients. In these cases, the worn out meniscus is difficult to repair and is often removed.
The two major surgical methods for meniscal repair are all-inside repair and inside-out (or outside-in) repair. All-inside repair is a newer technique and involves use of hybrid devices that have both suture and implant components. The inside-out repair surgical technique uses only sutures and accordingly is also referred to as suture-repair. More incisions are required in suture repair, which may lead to additional tears and thus all-inside repair is quickly growing in popularity. An additional surgical technique is implant-repair that uses screws or darts to fixate between the tear to help it close. This method is quickly being surpassed by all-inside and inside-out repairs.
Companies Mentioned
Arthrex Smith & Nephew DePuy Mitek Zimmer Biomet Conmed Linvatec MTF RTI Biologics Stryker LifeNet Health JRF Verocel Wright Medical Parcus Medical Medtronic Allosource Tissue Regenix Synthasome Artelon Integra LifeSciences Others include: Tissue banks, Ceterix, LifeLink, MedShape, Osiris Therapeutics, Rotation Medical, Vivex, etc.
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