Monday, 6 March 2017

In-Depth Research on Trends in US textile and clothing imports, February 2017

Trends in US textile and clothing imports, February 2017 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. This 2017 update contains analysis and insight into the USA's top ten foreign suppliers of textiles and clothing in 2016, along with more specific information on cotton dresses, cotton knitted shirts, cotton non-knitted (woven) shirts, cotton skirts, cotton trousers, cotton underwear, man-made fibre bras, man-made fibre dresses, man-made fibre knitted shirts, man-made fibre skirts and man-made fibre trousers. The report also includes an outlook for 2017 and beyond, and a statistical appendix containing data on exchange rates and imports of cotton coats, cotton pile towels, denim trousers, man-made fibre baby garments, other cotton apparel and wool coats. 
In 2016 US textile and clothing imports fell in volume terms for the first time in five years. There was also a fall in the average price of US textile and clothing imports, which was aided by declines in the prices of crude oil and raw cotton. Apparel continued to account for the highest share of US textile and clothing imports but this share was down to its second lowest level in at least 26 years. In terms of fibre type, man-made fibres accounted for the largest share of US apparel imports for the third consecutive year. China remained by far the USA's biggest textile and clothing supplier. However, China's share of total US textile and clothing imports was down in value and volume terms.
Bangladesh, India, Mexico and Vietnam all gained share but only Vietnam gained in both value and volume terms. Meanwhile, Honduras, Indonesia and Sri Lanka maintained their shares but Cambodia and Pakistan lost share.
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