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Global Tourniquets Device Market Trends and Forecasts 2017-2021

Report Global Tourniquets Device Market 2017-2021 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. 
Report Outline: A tourniquet is a compressing device used to control or resist blood flow during accidents or surgical procedures. Pressure is applied circumferentially to the skin and the underlying tissues of a limb; this pressure causes a temporary occlusion. Tourniquets are segmented into two types based on product type –– pneumatic and non-pneumatic tourniquets. Pneumatic tourniquets contribute to a major share of the market and are expected to grow at a high rate.
For detailed report with TOC, please click here ​Global Tourniquets Device Market 2017-2021
Market Growth: The global tourniquets device market to grow at a CAGR of 8.95% during the period 2017-2021.
Key vendors • Stryker
• Zimmer Biomet
• ulrich medical
• VBM Medizintechnik
• Delfi Medical
Other prominent vendors • AliMed
• Anetic Aid 
• AVCOR Health Care Products
• Beijing Jinxinxing Medical Device
• Beijing Xintian Liming Medical Device
• Cardinal Health
• Changzhou Yanling Electronic Equipment 
• Friedrich Bosch
• Gadelius Medical
• Hammarplast Medical
• Hokanson
• Inmed Equipments
• Jiangsu Xingtong Biotechnology Group
• Kimetec
• Medline
• Olberon
• PerSys Medical
• Prameta
• Prestige Medical
• RevMedx
• Rudolf Riester 
• Shanghai Huifeng Medical Instrument
• Spirit Medical
• Yancheng Senolo Medical Technology
Regions Covered:
• Americas
Companies Mentioned
Stryker, Zimmer Biomet, ulrich medical, VBM Medizintechnik, Delfi Medical, AliMed, Anetic Aid, AVCOR Health Care Products, Beijing Jinxinxing Medical Device, Beijing Xintian Liming Medical Device, Cardinal Health, Changzhou Yanling Electronic Equipment, Friedrich Bosch, Gadelius Medical, Hammarplast Medical, Hokanson, IMPROVE MEDICAL Technology, Inmed Equipments, Jiangsu Xingtong Biotechnology Group, Kimetec, Medline, Olberon, PerSys Medical, Prameta, Prestige Medical, RevMedx, ROYAX, Rudolf Riester, SARSTEDT, Shanghai Huifeng Medical Instrument, Spirit Medical, and Yancheng Senolo Medical Technology.
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