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Growth Prospects of the Connected Car in Latin America

Connected Car in Latin America: Opportunities for MNOs to Expand Business Beyond Connectivity is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. This report provides an executive-level overview of the connected car market in Latin America, with forecasts of key indicators up to 2021. It delivers deep quantitative and qualitative insight into the connected car market, analyzing key trends on service adoption, and the main drivers and challenges for mobile operators to grow in the market beyond connectivity.
Mobile operators are uniquely well-positioned to provide not only the connectivity required for connected car services but also many supporting applications that both enhance the value of the service and drive incrementally more revenue than connectivity alone would generate.
It provides in-depth analysis of the following -- Market size and forecast; a look at the total market size and forecast for connected car connections and revenue in Latin America, segmented by type of connected car application;
- Drivers and Challenges; an overview on the key drivers and challenges for mobile operators to increase their participation in the connected car market in Latin America;
- Case studies; this section details the business model and strategy of three mobile operators in Latin America to succeed in this market;
- Key findings and recommendations; the Insider concludes with a number of key findings and a set of recommendations for pan-regional and local mobile operators, and also network vendors.
- The connected car market in Latin America will grow at a 16.9% CAGR from 2016 to 2021, reaching close to $2bn by the end of the forecast period. The high rates of car robbery in Latin America will continue to drive the growth of security connected car applications in Latin America.
- Different from MNOs in developed markets, that have become leading connected car service providers, most operators in Latin America are still playing a limited role as connectivity service providers.
- The bevy of players aiming to control the connected car market in Latin America, including customer ownership and all of the data that cars, their drivers and passengers generate, is still highly fragmented.
- Although the connected car IoT market will likely remain highly fragmented, strategic partnerships between MNOs, OEMs, ITSPs, application developers, and network vendors will create more cohesive ecosystems that can help mobile operators to play a bigger role within the connected car value chain and profit from value-added connected car services.
Reasons to buy
- This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination of the value chain and mobile operators' business models in the connected car market in Latin America to help executives fully understand market dynamics, determine what works and what doesn’t, formulate effective product development plans and optimize resource allocation and return on investments.
- This Insider Report provides a five-year forecast of connected car market, developed using the rigorous bottom-up modeling methodologies, to enable executives to effectively position their companies for growth opportunities and emerging trends in demand for their products.
- Three case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insight into particular situations in the connected car market; this will help the reader understand both the challenges confronted in the real world and the strategies employed to overcome those challenges.
- The report discusses concrete opportunities in the connected car market, providing a number of actionable recommendations for pan-regional and local mobile operators, and network vendors.
Companies Mentioned
AIG Allianz AT&T AXA America Movil Claro Embratel Chevrolet Cisco Grupo Falabella Seguros Falabella Falabella Movil Gemalto Ford Liberty Mutual Oui Movil Seguros Azteca Telcel Telefonica Movistar Tigo Vivo Verizon Vodafone Volkswagen Volvo ZTE Huawei
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