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India Laboratory Information Management System Market Trends and Analysis 2015

Laboratory Information Management System Market in India 2015 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. LIMS (Library Information Management System) adoption in India is significantly low in Indian laboratories with an even low penetration in laboratories pertaining to Indian healthcare industry. Its adoption in healthcare is expected to see a gradual rise by 2018 from the present 2013 adoption level. In healthcare sector, LIMS finds application in life sciences segment as well as in biotechnology and pharmacy segment that require LIMS for effective data management. LIMS is a major benefactor for contract service laboratories that requires handling of bulk information. Biotechnology industry in India withholds tremendous potential in the years to come and the escalating investment in the sector is a great encouragement for LIMS market. The simultaneous rapid development of Indian healthcare sector that is seeing rise in number of various types of laboratories will propel the future of LIMS adoption in Indian healthcare sector as well.
However cost and time required for installation of LIMS often dissuades its popularity among laboratory owners. Lack of legal regulations specifying quality standard of a laboratory is another major challenge for LIMS market in India. Though the LIMS market is still in a nascent stage, yet the software developers are trying to make the software user friendly and cost effective for which it has come up with the concept of LIMS on Cloud. Web based and thin client LIMS applications are popular in the LIMS market. However The applications require rich internet applications that are browser independent.
Companies Mentioned
Public 1. Persistent Systems Ltd. Private 1. Agilent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 2. Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd. 3. Caliber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 4. Labvantage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 5. Oasis Infotech Ltd. 6. Ocimum Biosolutions (India) Ltd. 7. Perkinelmer (India) Pvt. Ltd. 8. Thermo Fisher Scientific India Pvt. Ltd.
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