Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Market Report Focused on Asia-Pacific Stadium and Arena Construction Projects

Project Insight – Stadium and Arena Construction Projects: Asia-Pacific is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. The Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) is currently tracking stadia and arena related construction projects in Asia-Pacific with a total value of US$31.8 billion, which includes projects from the announced to execution stages.
The top 10 countries (in terms of the value of their project pipelines) account for 92% of the total value of stadia construction projects in Asia-Pacific, with US$29.4 billion. These are, in order of project value: China, Turkmenistan, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Taiwan.
The report provides analysis based on CIC projects showing total project values for the Asia-Pacific market and analysis by stage and funding for the top 10 countries.
Top project listings and top participants for the sector are also shown.
Reasons to Buy
Gain insight into the main drivers of activity and forecasts, providing an understanding of key trends, analysis of projects by value for the Asia-Pacific market and main countries, enabling clients to target products and services for each type of project.
Analyze main project participants by value for the sector, enabling clients to target products and services for each type of project.
Access top project data, with location, value, stage and start date.
Key Highlights
Projects that have already reached the execution stage have a combined value of US$15.2 billion, while those in the pre-execution stage amount to US$4.9 billion. Projects that are in the planning stage total US$11.7 billion.
China leads with the highest value of projects with US$7.0 billion, followed by Turkmenistan with US$5.0 billion. Australia and South Korea follow, with projects valuing US$4.6 billion and US$3.8 billion respectively.
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